Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I gained over 60 pounds by not weighing myself for about a 7 year period. I did not gain it quickly, it was so gradual, possibly under 1 pound per month. So now I weigh everyday, every morning, I allow for a 1-to-3 pound fluctuation and get very excited when the scale goes to a new low. Lost 50 pounds this way.

I cannot trust myself to not gain gradually. When you gain only 1 pound a month it can take 2 years before you change your clothing size especially if you are like me and like stretchy clothes.

Yes not losing can affect me emotionally, but that is also part of my healing not focus on my body size or weight, to focus on eating properly. So even though I am often disappointed if I'm up that 3lbs I take it the right way...and realize that I ate too much salt, had too many stupid snacks and LEARN what I'm doing wrong.

I realize that being in denial about why the scale is not moving downward is a big enemy of my changing my way of eating for life. I've made that scale my good friend, who is honest and keeps me aware.


  1. *sigh* I have a love hate relationship with my scale. I know I need to weigh myself or the weight does creep up, but it is so hard when the numbers go up or not move at all.

  2. I thought I was the only one who weighed myself everyday! At least, I did for the first three weeks of my weight-loss endeavor. I've decided to go to weekly weigh-ins now (although the temptation to jump on the scale every morning is still there). But I think I'm ready to move to weekly: I want this change to be sustainable, and I don't think that I'll want to weigh myself every day for the rest of my life.

  3. i love my scale as well
    it keeps us accountable but it is depressing when it doesnt go down
    love hate relationship i say

  4. I do the same thing you mentioned, weighing yourself every day is important. You need to have consequences for why its up - and rewards for why its down. Congrat's on losing 50 lbs, thats quite an accomplishment!!! p.s. I am happy that everyone who replied to this post weighs themselves every day, I thought I was the only one and people around me called me crazy! :) have a great day!

  5. I completely agree with your post. Weighing every morning keeps me vigilant and informed. I can usually make the connection between the scale going up and my eating choices the day before. Just one weekend of mindless eating coupled with not weighing myself can set me back a month's worth of weight loss! Yikes!