Friday, February 28, 2014

Been a long time.

I fell off in 2012, starting eating "just little tastes" (the biggest lie I tell myself)
Q.) How long does it take for little tastes to end up being whole portions?
A.) From one minute to maximum 3 days.

Q.) How quickly did I start lying to myself?

Ok, I was very busy, (that is true) too busy to follow one of the most important rules: HALT Never get too H-ungry, too A-ngry, too L-onely, too T-ired.  I was too tired and too hungry that is the formula for over-eating calorie laden comfort food.

In 2013 I had a MIRACLE, I developed Acid Reflux...the kind of acid that could remove asphalt from a highway! The miracle was it was primarily from WHEAT and processed food. After  a few bouts of it I had no problem getting off the JUNK. I am not on medications for Acid Reflux and as long as I stay off all that stuff I don't need it. I had a nibble ( a true nibble) from time to time and the same thing happened - Rancid Acid Reflux that brought me to my knees (literally) trying to throw up this scalding toxic waste that left me with a raw sore throat for days.
Since then I have no problem staying off  processed food and have become horrified of wheat.
Since 2013 I've been eating properly but not really observing any calorie counting, so the  pounds I gained eating WRONG are still with me.

Well here I go....going to read my blog, and my CalorieGirl on Twitter to relearn and take my own advice, which worked so perfectly for me.
I have never gone back to a diet that failed, but this is not a diet, it's a way of life, it's the only way because it's logical, scientific and EASY to do the rest of my life.

Hello to all and I wish you all find a peaceful satisfying way to continue to enjoy food, lose extra pounds and keep them off.

I'll be back. :)