Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just a thought to ponder about Calorie Counting

Over the years I found that most overweight people just do not know what to eat. They think they know but they can't tell real hunger from just an urge to eat for the instant pleasure of it!!! If you make sure you have eaten properly during the day then you can be assured that the urge to eat anything or everything over and above a healthy day of eating is what you have to overcome. There are a gadzillion tools to do that.

In most cases, people who eat too much or eat high calorie low nutrition food will compensate by trying to eat less at another meal or actually starving themselves or telling themselves they won't eat that much later/tomorrow...and without fail they always do eat too much, because they are really hungry.

It's a long story, but in the shortest way: When you don't eat or eat too little your body's metabolism compensates by slowing down, reserving food for energy...but when you DO eat the body doesn't automatically start BURNING food, it is still STORING it as....FAT. (See some of my other blog posts for more on the subject of sugar and fat)

I could write a book, actually that is exactly what I should do...but...then what? LOL

Counting calories might seem like a lot of work,'s a gift from the Science World to help us foodies stay in line. Once you start feeling in control, lose that yucky feeling of "why did I eat that" Or "I hate being overweight" you will love counting.
Counting calories, weighing and measuring is more fun, more joy than receiving money every day and figuring out how you have to spend it!!! I promise it is.

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