Thursday, May 7, 2009

EASY, Thick & Creamy Asparagus Soup, LOW LOW Calorie

Use a Soup Pot and you'll need a hand blender.

~Huge bunch of fresh fat Asparagus, about 24 (or reduce following recipe accordingly)
~6 garlic cloves (peeled lol)
~4 chicken flavored bouillon cubes ( I use McCormicks Vegan chicken cubes)
~10 cups water
~ 1/2 cup 2% milk or rice milk.
~ 2 tbsp RICE flour, or 1 Tbsp cornstarch
~ 1 or 2 tsp sweetener to taste.
~ pepper and might not need salt

Boil 10 cups of water, add roughly-chopped garlic and bouillon cubes, keep at low rolling boil.
Thoroughly wash asparagus and trim and discard rough woody ends.
Chop up stems to about 3 inches to the tips and add to the boiling water when the garlic has softened a bit.
When the ends are soft add the remaining tips and let come to a boil then simmer till the asparagus are all soft but still hold their shape (not mush). Probably about 10 minutes.

OK, I recommend putting the pot in the sink to use your hand held blender and let it whirl till its all creamy and pureed. Taste it, add pepper and some sweetener. If it is thick enough you may not want to add any flour or cornstarch, but DO add the milk.

If you want the soup slightly thicker, add the rice flour or cornstarch to the cold milk and mix thoroughly to avoid lumps, then add to the hot soup using your hand held blender.

Put back on stove to let thicken.
I hope you enjoy this really low calorie, rich, tasty soup.
I am sure that a giant bowl of this soup isn't even 100Calories. There is no fat except for the milk, Asparagus are only 40 calories/cup. The bouillon cubes are also low low cal.

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  1. Oh joy! I am TOTALLY gonna make this! Hitting the "print" key right now.